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Home Culinary and Technical School in Paranaque City Metro Manila
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Home Culinary and Technical School is an avenue for continuing education. 

The HC offers an open and detailed curriculum with courses that will meet the needs of a diverse public focusing on the technical and vocational skills. 

For those who want to have a competitive edge in seeking for a job, HC offers certificate programs in the fields of culinary, pastry arts, hospitality management. The certificate programs will help you enhance and bring out the best in your role, advancement in your chosen field or change careers completely.

HC also offers a variety of workshops and short courses. The school also offers courses for children who are budding chefs, hoteliers or entrepreneurs. Whether you are a foodie, a working professional or an entrepreneur, HC invites you to see for yourself the different courses we offer.

HC provides a job-ready environment with specific courses, experienced faculty and internship placements in our affiliated hotels. HC develops students to become professionals who cultivate independent thinking and practice effective leadership in the real world. At present, HC graduates possess the core competencies that are in-demand by different companies.


HC aims to graduate students with the right proficiency, good character, technical and vocations skills required for success in the real world, by offering National Certificate (NC II) courses that combine management theory and practical experience in a homey environment.


Teaching Policy: Patterned after accepted global education modules, HC faculty revolves around industry-specific courses that develop within students the technical experience needed in today’s dynamic business environments. The teaching styles are similar to industry corporate management trainings involving technical and vocational sciences. HC’s teaching framework instills in its students key concepts and learning experiences, further enriching them with actual and practical experiences. This learning-by-doing approach strengthens their technical perspectives and contributes to the students’ personal insights and maturity.

Vocational School in Paranaque City Metro Manila
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