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Home Culinary and Technical School
Admission into HC is the result of a selection process to ensure that the students who enroll are truly the best qualified and most highly motivated of the candidates who apply. Upon entry into HC, students can be sure that their class will be made up of individuals who are not just academically strong, but also possess qualities they will appreciate when they need to work together and rely on one another in a variety of situations.
Candidates for admission to HC must submit the following documents:
Home Culinary and Technical School

Completed applications are evaluated by the HC Admissions Office on a rolling basis. Candidates shall be informed, either by telephone or through the guidance counselor, of interview or any examination schedules after submission of completed applications.


The interview may come before or after the examination schedule. During this step, the Admissions Committee, composed of members of the HC administration, faculty, and admissions staff, evaluates potential students based on their level of interest in the global business and hospitality industry, as well as their maturity level, academic potential, interpersonal skills, and leadership potential.

Home Culinary and Technical School in Paranaque City Metro Manila
Home Culinary and Technical School in Paranaque City Metro Manila

Admissions decisions are based on the results of the evaluation. The Admissions Committee shall make a final decision whether to admit, reject, or wait-list the candidate. 

Home Culinary and Technical School

Please be guided by the following admission procedures:

  1. Complete the Student Application Form and Pre-Enrollment Agreement. This form can be found at the Admission Desk

  2. Present your completed Student Application Form to the Registration Desk for system encoding.

  3. Proceed to the room for your admissions exam and interview. 

  4. Present the results of your exam and interview to the Admission Desk Officer for your Medical Examination Endorsement. All applicants must complete a medical examination on or before the date specified on the endorsement. 

  5. Submit your admission requirements to the Admission Desk. See the complete list of requirements below. 

  6. Pick up and complete a Registration Form at the Admission Desk. 

  7. Submit your completed Registration Form to the Registration Desk Officer and pay the necessary fees at the Cashier. Ensure a copy of your Registration Form at the Registration Desk after payment. 

  • NSO Birth Certificate 

  • High School or College Diploma 

  • For High School graduates: Form 137 

For College Level or Graduates: Transcript of Records or any proof of attending a formal education

  • Certificate of Employment, if applicable 

  • Two  pieces  1x1 picture 

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