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Commitment to  Excellence

HC is focused on providing the highest standards of academic excellence. HC is affiliated with academic institutions in Australia for internship and career placement programs in partnership with RPS Migration Services through our VET Programs.


HC approach to education is unique. HC students work closely with faculty mentors, who are themselves industry experts and professionals. Students also gain priceless real-world experience from work internships in our HC affiliated hotels. 


HC aims to graduate students with the right training, proficiency and good character required for success in the real world, by offering National Certificate (NC II) courses that combine management theory and practical experience in a homey learning environment.

Home Culinary and Technical School
Core Values
  1. STANDARD HC is committed to a high standard of Academic Excellence focused on its graduates and stakeholders.

  2. VALUE - HC is committed to a Holistic Formation of its students through external student services.

  3. FACULTY - Members of HC Faculty are a diverse team of industry professionals with international experience and strong credentials.

  4. FACILITIES - HC is committed to provide facilities to foster a top level learning environment and support National Certificate (NC II) courses.

  5. CURRICULA - HC curricula is driven by a global demand drawing from the best practices of its industry partners. The approach to education is unique, specializing on technical skills. The curricula equips students with the knowledge and skills to allow them to undergo internships and meaningful job careers.

  6. LEADERSHIP - HC focus on passion and result-oriented leadership possessing qualities of loyalty, trustworthiness and respect.

Social Impact

Community Development is a continuous commitment of the school towards practices to create programs that are responsive to today’s needs and issues. HCTS embraces the purpose of social responsibility to serve the community and the society as a whole.

Home Culinary and Technical School in Paranaque City Metro Manila
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Home Culinary and Technical School
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